by Lost Vital Spark

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    released November 11, 2009

    Recorded by Lost Vital Spark - 2009
    Mixed by Gernot Fröhlich - Soundspur Records
    Mastered by Michael Haider - Alpha Mastering
    Artwork by Markus Wipplinger - www.markuswipplinger.at

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Stereotype 07:29
I'm sorry I am flawed, the plague-spot of the masses. And all your gifts - what for? When they are entirely unworthy. Your inscrutable thoughts, can we make use of them? We can't. Whither goest thou? What to do with you? We're swamped, how could you work? Displaced, miss-adjusted, oh why? What happened to you? Right before your birth - completely out of line. And how can you survive? Without self-castigation, without self-treason. Force yourself, quixotic saviour of yourself. Constraint - the urge for unknown nullities. They sleep away to themselves. Open up your eyes! Not to weaken from sleeping. All that you wished you are - still unmeant. Tell me from your needs and say... How real is the world outside? Stereotype of your dreams. I'm sorry I'm a blemish in the ideal worlds arrangement, watch out for me! A maculation of Neo-Liberalism. Society-values - stereotype of your conviction. They're just a copy of an ethics, not worth a straw. Erased, these ideals you had once. What have you become? Evened out, your identity has merged in the mass, you are lost. Take a look, all these humans sad and pale. Tell me what you see! It's not the world you're craving for. First they hand over thinking - the dream is dead - then liberty and self-rule. This easy life is at its best - for you.
Quick! Gain time! Be ready! Use yourself! Behead a muse, fear the weakest could get some time in the bee. Some freedom from their yoke. There's no time to lose, we've got no time to lose. Lose no time - get ready for conflict. You fall behind and I build my life on the ruins of your life. The ruins of your failure. Your fall will be my rise. Your fall creates my gain. By now it's certain what didn't come, it came, that in present - force has biased you to achive, to defeat, win and compete. Tell me, what is your aim? What is to come, more time to waste? Someone who succeeds unscrupulous, that's what we wanna see. As a whore of your time you're willing and you're wanted and success seems to be programmed, essential, inescapable. Come what may come You're the product of gluttony Born from haste, reared by steady inessentiality to serve your time - which never lasts to feel your life- is ruled, by a regime which 's treated like a person which claims and we obey. Even though it is created just by us, we obey. We abandon ourselves to the deception, born from ease, that we can't change. Our ready-made living, it oppresses us. Not caused by a single person, suppression hides in every single element of a capitalistic life Those who care most about their fellow men are necessarily left with nothing. 'Cause the system benefits egoists and hypocrites. They are the ones who leave behind everyone else - in greed an narcism. The bee's victims are punished with oblivion, they are doomed to fail. So most follow what whispers in their ear: Quick! Gain time! Be ready! Use yourself! Fear the weakest could get some time.
Hypocrite 06:19
I prayed and engaged in serious soul-searching, you say. But I do not believe a single word you tell, history has exposed you, - a hypocrite. Here you see another liar, well integrated in our so beloved welfare-system, like he had no sins. What he does is already everyday life. To the pillory - hypocrite. What of it! To lose everything that made you a human. You spurn everything - well-born chadband. Your calling is what you've missed. I lived my life in all conscience, yes I can say. I always did what I thought was the right thing to do. But what you do meets just your single point of view. Here you see another coward, always twisting things to his own advantage. You don't stand out under your cloak of moral. You follow it with firm conviction. Only one from a capricious flock. Pharisee! Simple is beautiful - the simple life goes on. You believe in a vengeful god, you believe that every deed is measured in the end. Let's keep it to ourselves, what you did. You will pay, so says your faith.
F Minus 06:49
It starts at tender age, what comes along lifelong. The valuation it strikes everyone, you're classified from now on. There has to be someone who knows what's good for us, better than we know -those who cause the rules - Suffice - extrinsic ideals imposed before, you're able to decide by yourself. You've no choice The weak and oppressed - you belong to them. Graded and thronged on plan They say: Not the human is judged here - but behold - how they handle you They form and hold the norm, the norm you can't cope with. Now they look down on you. In the system they've created for you. They hold the norm, you can't cope with. Appreciation ex valuation - a volitional impossibility. Always it's tempted to optimize, the only question is: How can we get you - thereto? Whereto is clear cut. No doubt in journey's aim. The method, it justifies the goal, you trust in, but behold, their real causes why they form an create the norm, the norm you cannot meet. They're convinced to do the good, for you, the state, your future. Convinced to attend everyone alike. Now they've devalued you. In the system, they've made up for you. They hold the norm you can't cope with. You play along, but your hopeless attempt fails. You will speak it out! They're superior. The role which 's ascribed to you. Embrace it - your role in society. The useful know it well. You'll always be made, and never make your self.
Now you became a cog, a peace in the machinery, which serves up apparently mental fuel - day by day, they let us forget. Individuality and other delusions. It comes around, elegant and packed up sweet, the trend to hand over control. Outsourcing. The knowledge about ourselves is passed to dull ignorance. And gets eclipsed by simple brutal doing, we are becoming "more equal than equal". Simultaneous there's a trend to uniqueness. Farcical. Societies can't grow more individualistic and more equal at the same time. Nor can these two conflicting trends coincide in one mind. You don't mind. Could it be, that it makes us different, not to buy everything at **. I guess not - hopefully not. In fact it is a sham uniqueness. It has the task to give us the lost sentiment of being someone special and unique, although we are embedded in machineries. Humans no longer know from themselves, therefore some take flight in superficialities, which can't keep their promise.
The Outcry 07:29
You can mange everything, and it doesn't matter even if you're completely out of the place of those, which are better suited than you will ever be. Nowadays everyone can become everybody. Although you're untalented - the will to perform day in-day out, gets you to higher places. We've been released of thinking, on its spot the willingness to do what others have devised dares to come out. Now take a look! Self-reflection has been dropped. Why not? You can be everything, 'cause it's the same maxim: Be prepared! Prepared to pester yourself. And say: Yeah life is hard an nothing 's for free. So you only get what you deserve, thanks goddess, you're ready - ready to give, ready for pain. Where is the outcry? Don't you see the peril? No, you've lost thy awareness. On your journey through life they lie buried into a shallow grave. Your weakness, your tenderness, your humanity, the empathizing loving being. Abused and bled to death. No time for leisure! Here's enough to be done, it's the work on yourself - with strange measure. The ideal 's already prepared and even some so called experts are standing by. They are waiting for your sign! Lurking near. They've studied how to become at the best not oneself. They're ready to rob: Ready to rob you of everything, that stands in their way. Ready to rob what's principal, ready to rob what makes you different. We're standing still, therefore we're lost.
Progress 06:49
There they are! Those who rose themselves to the ally, which are keeping the monopoly on wisdom Within their circle this life is clear and plain is the ideal. What's not in our mind it will be secret, remain secret. 'Cause beyond reason it's wafflers home. Rationale will win, it brought a world full of order and progress Progress will prevail, it brought us bale and pain, Our release from feeling became chosen to rule our thoughts. Look at me, what was it for? A mantel for my-self? With all its weakness and the fear of emotions waywardness. A Refuge from doubtfulness, as a quid pro quo- merciless certainty and the death of the new. Promises, degenerated to the calculus of the misanthrope 'Cause freedom and human welfare have never been part of the plan.
Coming in this place, I soon realized, the consumer 's naff and witless. On this fortunate account my power does arise, to control to produce the moment of bespoken attention, for those, who legitimate - my profession 's heavenly! Their free will consists in doing what I await. The thrilling side-effect flatters my pride and I become anew. Whit the might of a god - creator of an urge. It's extrinsic, it's charming and endless, you can not flee. Creator of our needs - contriever of our life. Look what they've brought us here! I am free thinking - I bought myself on colour TV. And if you fail you know who's to blame. Channel -hop and follow the scheme. "I", "Me" and "Self" are for sale, Invest my life Whatever the cost I will be restless I will be unsatisfied (integrate in) - The force of gluttony. The gain of gluttony The push me in a style They push me in a live You know it is a place to hidev Our freedom will be undone Another way to keep control Free and forced to decide You can feel this unease Somewhere within


released November 11, 2009

Recorded by Lost Vital Spark - 2009
Mixed by Gernot Fröhlich - Soundspur Records
Mastered by Michael Haider - Alpha Mastering
Artwork by Markus Wipplinger - www.markuswipplinger.at


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Lost Vital Spark Linz, Austria

Lost Vital Spark is a modern melodic death metal band from Linz, Austria. A mix of modern and traditional melodic death metal, dynamic tempo changes and tight musicianship flowing together into complex arrangements. At a time when quality is being replaced by quantity and is still being sold as groundbreaking, Lost Vital Spark are able to stand out of the masses, without riding the trend wagon. ... more

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